This is going to be my advice blog. I am doing this because of a post I saw this morning, with multiple anons telling a girl to kill herself, and I am completely disgusted and totally fed up. I know what it's like to feel worthless,and ugly and stupid and all those things the bullies call you. I know enough about the suicide statistics in the country to know that it has all gotten quite out of hand. And frankly, I am pissed that all these teens are dying because people won't just leave them alone. So they point of this blog is for all you girls and boys that are hated on out there, the bullied the abused, the physically or emotionally beaten. Please do not kill yourself. Talk to me. Please help me spread awareness and prevention. Please.

30th September 2012


Anonymous said: Hey, umm. Idk wht this is. Like i was scratching myself yesterday, because i promised i wouldn't cut myself. And now there is red dots, on my skin there. Do you know by any chance if that is normal? If you don't then its ok, i was just wondering.

It is more than likely just irritation from scratching yourself. Stay strong, and don’t self harm. <3

28th September 2012


Anonymous said: Thank you, i'll try that <3

27th September 2012


Anonymous said: I don't think i can do this anymore. People make life seem so easy. All i feel is pain or nothing. I dont see the point of living, there is no point. I will never be good enough, and there is no point trying. I want to leave, so badly. The only people that keeps me staying it my 2 bestfriends. But i cant keep going on like this. I have to end the pain. Please tell me what to do. i need it to stop. - Mel

I know it hurts,ive been there, but trust me, it gets better, you an not make the pain go away, ylu can do things to help reduce it though, draw, write, exercises put that energy some where positive. You can do it.

3rd July 2012

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29th June 2012

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29th June 2012

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18th June 2012


Anonymous said: hi. this is an odd situation, but i really need advice. so, my best friend and i have had a lot of problems with this girl at school, and it even got a little physical at one point. but a couple weeks ago, she went to a mental hospital because everyone was picking on her, and she wanted to kill herself. when i heard she was back in town last week, i sent her a really long message on facebook saying how sorry i was for all the trouble i've caused her. so when she showed up to school today,(con.)

See contd

18th June 2012


Anonymous said: (con.) i offered her to sit with us in class and ate with her in the counselor's office during lunch. but my best friend got mad at me for hanging out with her. what should i do? do i tell my best friend that i want to be the other girls friend, and lose her.. or tell the other girl i want to continue being best friends with my beat friend? please help....

The bullying needs to stop stand up for the girl. She needs a friend an adovocate. Yeah your friend will get mad but it has to stop.

11th June 2012

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5th June 2012

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